The perfect herb infused smoked corn on the cob

Do you like corn? More specifically corn on the cob? Of course, you do! Corn on the cob tastes soooo much better than loose corn, or canned corn. If you cook it correctly you'll never buy canned corn again! Well, at least during fresh corn season anyway :) For the very best corn you've ever tasted, stay tuned!

Here's the way I cook my very best corn on the cob:


  1. create a vegetable broth -- add fresh herbs, bouillon cubes salt & pepper
  2. bring your broth to a low roll -- keep the corn husks on, this prevents the corn from burning and overcooking 
  3. NOTE: start the broth off in cold water (cold water brings all the ingredients in the pot up to boil at the same time) slow roll for about 45 minutes
  4. towel drain any water from the corn -- water creates steam, and we're not steaming our corn today


  • hickory wood (or your favorite smoked wood)
  • fresh herbs like basil, thyme and sage
  • kosher salt, peppercorns, star anis and a few cloves
  • beef bouillon
  • fresh rosemary
  • fresh basil

The benefit to par-cooking corn on the cob is to infuse the corn with the broth. The broth will essentially cook the corn, the wood will infuse it with smoke. This can be done by using the corn husks and the silks as a carrier for the broth. The silks will hold onto the liquid broth like a sponge.

Another benefit to par-cooking your corn is to prevent it from burning or over-smoking.

Smoke the corn (in its husks) for about an hour, and serve as your Summertime favorite side dish!


Par-cooked herb infused corn on the cob


Smoked corn on the cob

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