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Vegan Collard Green Meat-Less Balls

I have not forgotten (ok, yes I have) about my Vegan community. My bad. However I think this Collard Green Meat-Less Ball recipe, will make up for my absence ;)    This recipe is MEGA-SIMPLE prepare, and you probably already have all the ingredients ingredients in you pantry. Yup! I said pantry, because these are canned collards. Aight, that being said, let's get it crackin'!    Tools Colander Frying pan small bowl Ingredients  2 cans Glory Foods Seasoned Collards (drained) 3 cups Frenches Crispy Fried w/ White Cheddar  1 can sweet corn (drained) 1 tbs my Fenugreek Spice Tin w/ Cherry Smoked Sea Salt  1 tsp corn starch (to help bind and color) 1 egg (binder optional)  EVOO Butter Method...

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